Intertribal Band

Lawton, Oklahoma U.S.A.

Intertribal, an upcoming Native American progressive rock band is extremely excited to begin the recording process for their full length debut CD. They have been in the writing process for almost a year, perfecting their sound and the whole creative approach. Rather than just forming a band and writing some music, they are driven by a creative movement of empowerment and spiritual enlightenment.

Intertribal has been very selective and calculated in forming their band. Travis Komahcheet reflects on the perseverance in forming the band. “With us, it is more than just musical talent. It encompasses the complete vision of forming this with longevity and a powerful vision of rising above, and setting the bar for something new, powerful, and spiritually inspiring. We have seen what is out there and we have high respect for what has been done in the Native American music community. Our focus is to blaze onto the music scene with an onslaught of something new that will be embraced not only by the Native American community, but by anyone who is within earshot of our music.”

Intertribal’s musical influences are bands such as Tool, Shakti, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Soundgarden to genres that gravitate towards the heavier sounds of Soulfly, Slipknot, and Divine Heresy. Intertribal also incorporates a series of instrumental tastes and unique Native American flow. Komahcheet says, “Our focus is not to imitate, but to simply write what naturally is born from what inspires us. We have written some very beautiful music as well and I embrace the genius of dynamics that we have absorbed from our musical heroes.”

Intertribal’s musical direction can be described as a swirl of beautiful soundscapes intertwined with a powerful rock sound. Komahcheet further explains, “It all makes sense and hits you once you hear it. Our motivation is to write music that is timeless, epic and innovative. We are also giving a lot of forethought to our creative direction visually. We have had enough time to embrace this effort with full respect to begin making a new masterpiece in the music world working relentlessly with the sole belief that greatness comes with doing what is amazing no matter what. Sooner or later the walls of restraint crumble and the light shines bright on everyone involved. Everything is coming together wonderfully, and now is the time to share what we have been envisioning for a long time, and it feels amazing. We are excited to complete recording and booking performances across the U.S., and hope to bring everyone together to share what is powerful and beautiful. After all, that is what Intertribal is about. All of the tribes of the earth coming together in unison to bring forth vision, strength, and unity.”