David Williams


Williams is a descendant of the Wakka Wakka people from central southwest Queensland, he was brought up with his culture in suburban Rockhampton, Queensland.

Learning traditional songs from his grandmother, David experienced first-hand the language and music of his people from an early age. Growing up in a musical family, he began learning the trombone from an early age. During his trombone studies, he would often cross over and play the didgeridoo as his skills as a brass player enabled him to develop his own style of blending traditional and contemporary didgeridoo.

David’s skills as a didgeridoo player have taken him around Australia and also internationally to Beijing, Shanghai, New Zealand and San Francisco.

Also an accomplished artist, David has spent much time developing an indigenous style that was traditional though unique and modern. His motivation to develop as a visual artist saw his collection of works increase, resulting in his first collaborative exhibition in 2003. David presented his first solo Australian exhibition in 2004 with his first overseas exhibition to follow in Sweden later that year. David’s works now feature in private collections in Australia,Italy, Spain, England, Sweden and Germany.
Through David’s didgeridoo performances and traditional style paintings, he aims to further educate and encourage a wider understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture.