About Us


SWIFFA celebrates creativity through artistic expression by focusing on growing a global community of people, artists, and special industry mentors to help artists grow!


  • To implement a 2 day festival that is open for everyone
  • To bring different cultures together in a non-formal way promoting cultural exchange, unity and reconciliation
  • To provide a forum for young artists and musicians from diverse communities to experiment and perform their talents to a wide public, and thus creating positive awareness of diversity, music, arts and culture
  • To offer a possibility for intercultural exchange between different countries, and fostering local intercultural dialogue
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation among the young artists from different backgrounds by giving them the opportunity of sharing their work and participating in a cultural event


Milton Tootoosis – Director

Rosa Walker- Director

Shaun Soonias – Director

Tim Eashappie – Director

Muskwa Lerat – Director Youth

Neil Sasakamoose – Director

Kurt Daniels – Director

Marlyn Osecap – Director

Elder Maria Linklater – Director

Curtis Standing – Executive Producer